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Through her captivating narrative journey of growth opportunities, Dr. Stacey invites you to explore your story with a refreshingly unique new perspective. She has an unparalleled ability for reading energy and drawing in the audience so that they become active participants. As such, attendees leave feeling enlightened, entertained and equipped with powerful tools to help them on their way – all without realizing exactly when the transition began!

The "Dr. Stacey (that's "ey") Experience" is sure to be remembered forever by anyone lucky enough partake.

Need to book Dr. Stacey for your Organization

(Conference, Town Hall, All Hands, Morale Overhaul, Team Collaboration, Mindset Shift, Recalibration Session/Series, Leadership Training, etc);

She will customize the content to meet the appropriate context for your needs.

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"Helping you, your team and your organization understand how where you've been,
landed you where you are, in order to help you get to where you are going and want to be."

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